Garden Fungicide

  APVMA Permit No:  11571  

RUST-RID® Garden Fungicide is a systemic fungicide used for the treatment of frangipani rust.  Rust can appear on plants from December onwards, depending on the severity of the summer heat and humidity.

Preventative treatment:  In a watering can, with the rose attached, mix at the rate of 12mls of fungicide to 10 litres of water, and water the soil around the roots of the plant.  Apply monthly in November, December, January and February.  If necessary, a further application may be applied in March.  This method is recommended for trees of all sizes.

To kill frangipani rust:   RUST-RID® Garden Fungicide can also be used as above to kill rust that is on the plant.  For a faster result, in addition to drenching the soil, spray the leaves with the fungicide mixed at the rate of 12mls to 10 litres of water.

RUST-RID® Garden Fungicide is available in a 250ml bottle and a 1litre can from selected nurseries and from The Frangipani Gardens®.  

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